Kingdom of Ash and Briars Blog Tour: 10 Fun Facts About Hannah West

Title: Kingdom of Ash and Briars

Author: Hannah West

Publisher: Holiday House

Published Date: September 15, 2016

Synopsis: Bristal, an orphaned kitchen maid, lands in a gritty fairy tale gone wrong when she discovers she is an elicromancer with a knack for shape-shifting. An ancient breed of immortal magic beings, elicromancers have been winnowed down to merely two – now three – after centuries of bloody conflict in the realm. Their gifts are fraught with responsibility, and sixteen-year-old Bristal is torn between two paths. Should she vow to seek the good of the world, to protect and serve mortals? Or should she follow the strength of her power, even if it leads to unknown terrors? She draws on her ability to disguise herself as a man to infiltrate a prince’s band of soldiers, and masquerades as a fairy godmother to shield a cursed princess, but time is running out. As an army of dark creatures grows closer, Bristal faces a supernatural war. To save the kingdoms, Bristal must find the courage to show her true form.

Building on homages to Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jane Austen’s Emma and the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, Hannah West makes a spectacular debut.

So ecstatic to be apart of The Kingdom of Ash and Briars blog tour. Today I’m sharing 10 fun facts about the author Hannah West below.

1.This past May I married my favorite person in the whole world! I walked down theaisle to a piano version of “In Dreams” from Lord of the Rings.

2. I have such an intense imagination and vivid dreams that I didn’t sleep in my own room until I was 13.3. I think dogs are cuter than babies.

4. My front two teeth are porcelain veneers and underneath, my real teeth are shaved down to tiny Gollum nubs. I regret that I didn’t take the opportunity to look in the mirror between the dentist shaving them down and putting the veneers on. 

5. I’m currently *nishing up a southern gothic/paranormal YA novel that is such a refreshing vacation from high fantasy (I started KINGDOM OF ASH AND BRIARS in 2010 and revised A LOT, so a bit of a break was needed). But I’m looking forward to jumping back into the same fantasy world and seeing where it goes!

6. I’m pescatarian and aspire to go vegan. It’s hard where I live (a suburb of Dallas) because veganism and healthy eating aren’t high priorities. We just keep getting more burger joints and chain restaurants.

7. I once had a beloved guinea pig named Creamcu (not Creampu). I thought that’s what those vanilla Oreo-type cookies were called.

8. I freelance write about solar energy and green living and it’s really made me reevaluate how I use resources.

9. I’m a PK (code for pastor’s kid). Notoriously, PKs are pretty wild but I’m just bookish and socially awkward 😉

10. My common sense is severely lacking. I think daydreamers tend to be a little ditzy – at least that’s what my critique partner and I tell ourselves when we do embarrassing things like put metal in the microwave or forget to put a car in park before getting out.


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