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Top 5 Wednesday: Unlikable Characters

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Top 5 Wednesday was originally created by gingerreadslainey  but now run by Thoughts On Tomes, which features a new bookish top 5 topic each week.

This week’s topic is most unlikable characters, and that does not necessarily mean villain, more like main or side characters that you ended up really not liking. A majority of these are going to be unpopular opinions since they are in fact main characters I was suppose to like but ended up not. It’s totally fine if you feel differently, to each their own. Also, slightly spoilery since it is why I don’t like these characters, so beware. Okay now time for some tea spilling.



Tobias Eaton

Tobias Eaton from the Divergent series by Veronica Roth eased his way onto this list mainly due to this book. If you knew me back in 2013 you would know how much of a fan I was of this series. I would always defend the first book and these characters, and Tobias was one of my favorite male characters at the time.

In Insurgent my admiration for him dwindled but what really diminished it was when I read Allegiant. This book was just a roller coaster ride of disappointment, but this isn’t a review so I won’t get into that, but I don’t know why Tobias became 9000 times annoying in this book. He became so whiny and privileged and committed stupid and rash decisions, not to mention having to put up with his narrative in the alternating chapters. Seriously will never understand how Tris put up with it. But I unhauled this entire series, so I will never have to deal with him again.



Isla Martin & Josh Wasserstein

I know I may be breaking the rules, by counting two characters I cannot stand as one, but I couldn’t decide who I didn’t like more. The thing is going into this book I was beyond excited. I had read Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door prior and had love them to the point of becoming some of my favorite contemporaries. Seeing short cameos of Isla in the other books, she seemed like such a chill girl and I thought I would relate to her more than I did with Anna or Lola. Well, I was wrong.

From the first few chapters I could already sense that I would have problems with this. My dislike stems from the fact that I hated their relationship so much. Isla is essentially obsessed with Josh to the point where she looks up his address and basically stalks him.

Not to mention that after getting together like 70 pages later she starts to treat her friend like shit and holds Josh up on a pedestal. And Josh is not the berries either. I found him to be so bland with not an ounce of character or personality. The entire relationship seemed so force and unhealthy, and literally the only reason why it remains on my shelf is due to the very cute scene by our former characters that happened in there. You know it. 😉

Cath Avery and Levi Stewart

This is probably my most unpopular opinion. *hides*

Yes I am in that minority group that did not like this book at all. And yes I am using another couple as one entry. I went into this book with high expectations. Everyone and their mother on booktube and bookstagram were raving about this, and I thought since it was about a fangirl I would be able to relate, right? Wrong again.

I wanted to love Cath a lot, and I can still say today that I don’t hate her, but I also wasn’t a fan. I found her character to be constantly whiny which I didn’t find cute at all. And what pissed me off the most is when she refused to rewrite the damn story for her class. It wasn’t censorship, your professor isn’t trying to attack you, she just wanted you to use your own characters just like my creative writing teacher would.

Talk about melodramatic, talk about entitled, my god. You’re not some high and mighty being just because you have popular fanfiction, calm down and redo the damn paper, it isn’t that deep.

I wasn’t too partaken with Levi either, it was more along the lines that I found him really boring. Also there was the one scene where he gets mad at Cath when she offers to help him and til this day I’m like ????

Tally Youngblood

Ah we’re gonna throwback to a character I still hold a lot of resentment towards.

I wasn’t too keen on having to read this series for my Young Adult Literature class, having dnf’d the first book three years prior, not once but twice.

Tally has got to be one of the main characters that I dislike the most. Her narrative is one of the most obnoxious things to follow and all the ‘pretty  lingo’ in the next book made it all the more unbearable that I just had to start skim reading.

I found her to be one of the most whiny, self-absorb, and manipulative characters. She essentially screws everyone over with no reflection of her actions. Each book her character just worsens and by the last one I was so done with everything. I’m not one to tell people what to read, but beware of this one is all I’m saying. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jason Grace

And we’ve reached my final and most unlikable character. If you’re a fan of the Heroes of Olympus you may know why I dislike Jason so much, or you might not so let me enlighten you.

If you know me you probably know that I essentially love everyone in this series besides Jason. The thing is he would have stayed on my irrelevancy radar for the entire series, but he to go and act all high and mighty and never delivers. Not to mention when people compare him to Percy, when they are nothing alike


My problem with Jason is that he is a really boring and annoying character that tends to hold himself in such high esteem, which is expected of someone from the Roman camp, but nearly every time there is a confrontation, he is incapacitated in someway and needs to be rescued by his friends. I’m not even the only one who’s noticed this, but even Rick realized it enough to have Percy make a joke about it in the last book. Which made my life. I still don’t understand how he managed to get his duel sword/lance destroyed in the first book, I just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I have a lot of love for this series, just not for Jason Grace.


What are some of your unlikable book characters?

— Rebecca ☾


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Unlikable Characters

  1. I totally agree with you about Cath! She’s on my list too! 😀

    Also I JUST finished reading Isla and the Happily Ever After and I totally get what you’re saying about those two!


  2. I didn’t like Tobias that much either. In the first two, yeah sure, but the last – just no. Somehow, having chapters from his point of view just made me hate him. Like you said, he was whiny and made stupid decisions. I don’t even like the series any more to be honest, I went off it a long time ago!


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