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I’ve debated constantly from switching Blogger to WordPress. When I created my blog about three years ago I chose Blogger because I was more familiar with it, but as time went on I began to grow frustrated with the constant formatting and size rendering I would have to do when I would want to change my theme, everything became a hassle and was one of the reasons why I became lax in posts. I now much prefer the cleaner and simpler look I have with WordPress and honestly a fresh start is what I needed for the incoming school year. I’m just really glad I was able to export all my old posts on here, quickly and efficiently. I will no longer be posting on my old blog, but will probably keep it up for some time. I’m still getting the hang of it, but now I feel motivated to post more, and I feel at ease.

ā€” Rebecca ā˜¾

4 thoughts on “New Blog

    1. I’m a very non tech savvy person lol so it was really easy all you have to do is go on blogger and back up your blog in settings I believe and then it’ll download all you posts onto your computer and then I went on import on my new wordpress blog and uploaded the blogger file which transferred all my posts šŸ’•


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